Antique and Unique Antler Chandelier

April 30, 2017 - by : Aurelio herve  |  Interior Design  |  No Comments  |  4043 Views

Antler chandelier is about something unique and antique. Only a few people who knows about this. Some of them didn’t know or maybe more, could be they never heard about it. Some of the people don’t like antler. There’s some reason why those people don’t like it, maybe because of the shape and style that so unique, antiques and a little bit creepy. Usually this product use natural color of antler such as wood color or antler color. But if you watch carefully and give a little bit lighting, give […]

Various Styles of Round Kitchen Tables Design

April 29, 2017 - by : Aurelio herve  |  Kitchen Design  |  No Comments  |  8000 Views

Round kitchen tables are furniture that will be designed with a compact and uniform with the existing view. This type of furniture will give a different impression and was also impressed that will spoil the unique daily activities, especially the feel of relaxation are qualified. Now, various ideas and designs to the table or tables to be attached to the kitchen are already available with a variety of modern and well. This table types will be designed to look different when viewed indirectly from table model in general. You are […]

Protector Gutter Screens Ideas

April 28, 2017 - by : Aurelio herve  |  Gutter Ideas  |  No Comments  |  6719 Views

Gutter screens designs are that there should be protective on the roof of your house. Accessories found on the exterior of the house serves as a tool to filter out garbage and leaves that go on roof gutter. Ditch you often hear not only are there the park or outside of your home for the smooth running of the water so as not stagnant. It turns out there is also a gutter on the roof of the house that serves to drain the water from top to bottom so that […]

Modern White Quartz Countertops Ideas

April 23, 2017 - by : Fonda Serhilda  |  Countertops  |  No Comments  |  8638 Views

Modern white quartz countertops are the latest innovation of the furniture which will generally be attached to the kitchen with the luxury side that lights up with a variety of basic materials capable of making and impressive course. Kitchen is a place that has an important role and today has been updated on all sides with the advantages and ease of charming. This type of furniture is said to be attached to the particular table and dining table in the kitchen is modern and luxurious and capable. This would refer […]

Bathroom Mirror Cabinets and the Their Benefits

April 23, 2017 - by : Fonda Serhilda  |  Interior Design  |  No Comments  |  5133 Views

Bathroom mirror cabinets’ sets are the cabinets in a bathroom that include at least a mirror in them. There are variations in shapes, color, and size of the cabinets. The option to take depends at the width and height of your wall. If you have sufficient place to hang the cabinets, you can choose the large one. If you only have a small bathroom, considering small cabinets will be good to make. If the bathroom is very small, using a separate mirror and a cabinet can be considered to minimize […]

Perfect Yard with Outdoor Console Table

April 21, 2017 - by : Aurelio herve  |  Table Design  |  No Comments  |  5723 Views

Outdoor console table design will make your outdoor home decoration look nice and homey. You can use it to display your little things like beautiful flower, vas or other thing to make it pretty. Usually it made from wood with rack. You can put this table in the corner of your outdoor home or in your house balcony. Setting with chair it will make it more beautiful, you can use it and seat near the table with your family and enjoy the view with a glass of coffee or tea […]

Benefits in Using Gutter Covers

April 18, 2017 - by : Aurelio herve  |  Gutter Ideas  |  No Comments  |  6423 Views

Gutter covers designs are the type of equipment on the exterior of the house will be referring to the roof with a very important role for smooth drains when it rains. Certainly imagine how the basic functions of this type of equipment. The exterior of the house is necessary to carefully which will also affect the comfort and security to be provided to the inside of the house. It would refer to public sewers is required when the rainy season the water flows smoothly and without a hitch. Of course, […]

Beautify Your Windows with Curtain and Window Treatments

April 17, 2017 - by : Aurelio herve  |  Home Design  |  No Comments  |  5419 Views

Curtain and window treatments are the important things to do to make your home comfortable. It needs to help beautify your home and keep light out or kitchen curtains to help enhance the look of your kitchen and soften the lighting inside. There some option you can select to make your room comfortable. Such as mini blinds, shades, curtains, drapery and other window treatments. Let the function and safety be your first priority when you choose for your window treatment rather than style. After that you can choose your window […]