Slate Countertops for Your Kitchen

July 2, 2017 - by : Fonda Serhilda  |  Countertops  |  No Comments  |  6191 Views

Your kitchen deserves the best material countertop. Kitchen can look stunning and amazing if you can manage it well; give the most suitable layout, choose contrast color combination, or you can arrange the kitchen furniture as efficient as possible; but to make it happen you also need to complete your kitchen counter. Your kitchen dream will not come true if you have hollow kitchen countertops, there are so many types of countertop one of them is slate countertops. This countertop can be chosen because it has great durability and non-porous […]

Things to Know About Bamboo Countertops

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Countertops can be things to make your kitchen beautiful. Many things can be used in your kitchen as your countertops including bamboo countertops design, marble countertops, quartz countertops and other countertops. Correct countertops are not easy to choose to beautify your kitchen. Selecting wrong countertops can be a disaster for you because your kitchen can appear ugly that can make you or the person who cooks in the kitchen feel uncomfortable. Purchasing expensive things are not good to do either because expensive countertops can help to make your kitchen beautiful […]

Expand Your Countertops Style Using Cement Countertops

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Cement countertops design can be another option for your countertops. It’s almost the same with quartzite countertops but it has different pattern of surface. There’s no marble looks like quartzite or granite. Mostly it has plain surface. It made from cement, rock, sand and water. If you compare with quartzite or granite, it has a beautiful and elegant looks too. Nowadays it’s a popular and versatile choice for kitchen countertops. It’s a cement mixing, the way to mixing the cement is the most challenging task in making this product. If […]

The Classy Black Granite Countertops

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Granite is a material that is good and strong, it is a good material for you furniture. The classy black color make granite a popular material to make furniture in houses especially in the kitchen area, as it also give a classy and elegant look that most people like. With its cool, sleek and completely modern, black granite countertops can add a good touch to any kitchen area and it will make your kitchen a comfortable and nice place to stay in for you and your family. Granite countertops are […]

Copper Countertops Compared with Other Countertops

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To make a better kitchen, you need good countertops. Choosing the correct countertops not only make you choose beautiful countertops but also countertops that can ease your jobs to clean them to avoid future problems like problems of dirty countertops that are not easily being cleaned. There are some available countertops such as copper countertops, marble countertops, and quartz countertops to choose. The final decision must be made by basing at your need not because of being forced by others. Others can only give advice but the final decision must […]

DIY Countertops Ideas

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Simple DIY countertops recently are getting popular among many homeowners. More and more people prefer choosing DIY since these countertops would be able to make and allow you to save more much money.  Here are five top DIY which are affordable and creative. Option for an old door become the number one of top five DIY. Turn your old doors become a gorgeous countertop with preexisting laminate as a countertop template. Cut the door and shape it into whatever countertop’s shape you want. Sanding and staining the shaped door for […]

Unique Quartzite Countertops Ideas

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Quartzite countertops are worth it to be applied as one of your countertops choice. The unsurpassed durability, an elegant look, better price and scratch durable make it the new favorite for countertops today. Many people change their favorite from granite into this product. It looks like granite but it’s different. It’s offer you so many benefit, show up with simple design but looks beautiful and elegant. Generally the colors are white or gray with hints of brown and black. If you choose the natural colors it will complement in any […]

Modern White Quartz Countertops Ideas

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Modern white quartz countertops are the latest innovation of the furniture which will generally be attached to the kitchen with the luxury side that lights up with a variety of basic materials capable of making and impressive course. Kitchen is a place that has an important role and today has been updated on all sides with the advantages and ease of charming. This type of furniture is said to be attached to the particular table and dining table in the kitchen is modern and luxurious and capable. This would refer […]